The aftermath of Sichuan earthquake

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The symbol: 100111 (Earth over heaven)-> 101011 (Fire over water)



The symbol for current says, that the energy of the earthquake is superior.  The luck falls on the people who did not stay in houses.  To get out of troubles, one has to go over huge obstruction.

This clearly described the current situation in the earthquake.

彖曰:大畜,刚健笃实辉光,日新其德,刚上而尚贤。 能止健,大正也。 不家食吉,养贤也。 利涉大川,应乎天也。


This is to say, the scale of the earthquake is superior, it creates new crisis everyday.  Meanwhile, the leaders of China is doing there duty well.  Their work will stop the follow up damage.  This is very positive achievement.  They reach the frontier of the rescue.  It proves that they are sage-like.  The huge crisis caused by the earthquake will be overcame.  This is upright by the means of God.



This event is like heaven fell in the mountains.  There are a lot of things we should learn from it and the history, to be prepared of future crisis.



The third and fourth marks are predicted to change.

九三:良马逐,利艰贞。 曰闲舆卫,利有攸往。 象曰:利有攸往,上合志也。


The third mark is to be changed from positive to negative.  This means that the best military power has been sent to relief the damage of earthquake.  This is the best solution under current circumstance.  The well trained troops will be the best force to help people out of the crisis.  This means that the action is proper and the best result is expected.



The fourth mark is to be changed from negative to positive.  This means an in time action is the best action.  It omens a good ending.



The predictable future of the earthquake impact is predicted as the symbol of Kui (101011).



The symbol Kui means that if the government will be able to handle every detailed issues, the best ending is expected.

彖曰:睽,火动而上,泽动而下; 二女同居,其志不同行;说而丽乎明, 柔进而上行,得中而应乎刚;是以小事吉。 天地睽,而其事同也; 男女睽,而其志通也;万物睽,而其事类也;睽之时用大矣哉!


This is to say, the fire goes up, the consuming need of refugees is increasing; while the water goes down, the clogged lakes post flood threaten to the refugees.  These two major crisis is competing for the bailout force.  If the distribution of the force will be evenly distributed, and all details are taken care of, we could expect the best result.  These two crisis are different, but both critical to the success of rescue mission.  It is very important that all details are concerned and the force are evenly distributed.



This event is to say, increasing fire and downpour water, so different crisis, we have to hold the proper course, to deal with them for the ultimate purpose.

Bless the refugees!


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