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The future of China-Japan relationship

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China and Japan went into a debate due to a capture of a fishing boat captain in the Diaoyu Islands area which is in between China mainland, Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan Island, and Pacific Ocean. The dabate has extended to governmental, public opinion, and international. What will this thing go? The recent relevant event is that […]

With Palin as VP candidate, will McCain be the next president?

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卦象:乾(乾下乾上)变为大壮(乾下震上) The symbols: 111111 (sky over sky) -> 001111 (thunder over sky) 乾:元,亨,利,贞。 这个卦象说明McCain的竞选道路在选择Palin作为搭档之前是通行无阻的。形势一片大好。这远远好于七月五日的预测。这期间的主要变化就是Obama选择了Biden作为其副总统候选人。 The symbol of current says, before McCain chose Palin as VP candidate, his campaign has been into the best possible route. Everything looks bright and positive. This is much better than what the “Book of change” predicted on July 5th. And […]

Can Republicans reign the White House for another four years?

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卦象:困(坎下兑上)变为蛊(巽下艮上) The symbols: 011010 (lake over water) -> 100110 (mountain over wind) 困:亨贞,大人吉,无咎,有言不信。 这个卦象说明现任美国政府显现困乏之态,虽然没有办法马上走出困境,但最终不会有过尤。现政府说的话没有人相信,所以只好少说为妙。 The symbol of current says, that the US government ruled by President George W. Bush has been in broad complex trouble.  Although there is no way to get out of the troubles, there is still no critical danger.  Nobody is still […]

The aftermath of Sichuan earthquake

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卦象:大畜(乾下艮上)变为暌(兑下离上) The symbol: 100111 (Earth over heaven)-> 101011 (Fire over water) 大畜:利贞,不家食吉,利涉大川。 这个卦象说明,地震的能量积蓄很大,不呆在家里才是吉利的。必须克服大的障碍。 The symbol for current says, that the energy of the earthquake is superior.  The luck falls on the people who did not stay in houses.  To get out of troubles, one has to go over huge obstruction. This clearly described the current […]

The fate of Dalai Lama and exiled Tibetans

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卦象:豫(坤下震上) 变为 兑(兑下兑上) The symbols: 001 000 -> 011 011 豫,利建侯行师。 这个卦象说明,当前的世界局势有利于达赖喇嘛领导流亡藏人为达到他们的目的而呐喊抗争。 The symbol for current says: Good for establish his throne and/or army and start his campaign. 彖曰:豫,刚应而志行,顺以动,豫。豫,顺以动,故天地如之,而况建侯行师乎?天地以顺动,故日月不过,而四时不忒。圣人以顺动,则刑罚清而民服。豫之时义,大矣哉! 就是说,日前流亡藏人及其支持者的强硬甚至过分的抗议行为,恰好是顺应国际上对中国快速发展的疑虑情绪以及发达国家经济问题的恐慌情绪等造成的时机的行动。这种顺应时机的行动,很容易引起各方的共鸣,能够使他们的声音最大化。他们的主张看似简单武断,却很容易让世界人民信服。他们选择了最佳的时机来发动这次运动。 This is to say, even if the protesting managed by exiled Tibetans has gone out of normal peaceful threshold, it happened in a perfect international […]

About ‘Book of Change’

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About 3000 years ago, the first King of Zhou (周) Dynasity, Ji Chang (姬昌), was taken into custody by the last King of Shang(商) Dynasity, Yin Xin(殷辛), as a precaution of his suspected rebellion,  at  Jiu-Li town (羑里城) for seven years.  To assure to the King Xin that he has no objection to his detention, […]